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Fitting process
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Fitting process

repair process  -    consulting and contract phase;


1, telephone or online through the customer service for consultation, selecting the most appropriate designer and scheduled on-site investigation;  

2, field measurements, d├ęcor, space divided into preliminary communication with you;  

3, after seeking the views of customers, we will, within three working days for two to three sets of plan;  

4, satisfaction after signing the contract, and detailed design drawings, pay 50% costs;  

5, we are given three working days complete set construction drawing;  

6, two business days after you complete set construction drawing confirmation is given within quotes and renderings;  


decoration processes  -  pure design project tracking  


1, started construction, pay for design 50%; 

2,   to the scene three times in the course of construction;

3, the last time with the purchase, and pay the remaining fees 5%.  


decoration processes  -  track   design and construction projects;


1, when started, project manager, water engineers, designers, on-site construction, delivered the book of informing the customer paid design 50% and engineering 30%; 

2, hidden projects end, project manager to organize for inspection records into a disk, works, 35%; 

3, clay wood construction, deliver the design, project manager for construction process guidance, project payment 30%; 

4, acceptance of wood, project manager for product protection;  

5, project completion, project manager to organize for inspection and photograph archive project settlement, paid 100%; 

6, during the construction process, the Hon decoration design of relevant departments, including the fire services declared, weak-current engineering, furniture, air conditioning engineers engineers to collaborate.  

7, finally, customers staying, furniture comes into play, weak installation, air conditioning, debug, fire application inspection, our overall project open according to the warranty.  

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