Tongzhou district of Beijing
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Tongzhou district of Beijing

Soft Office decoration

Soft Office decoration

Office soft decoration  -  design layout

Office decorating style, combined with the culture and image of the company, pay attention to coordination, not messy: a variety of decorative styles in one room.  


  Office of soft decoration  -  color

Office decorating colors with not too many to two or three colors, or similar tones, decoration in the Office to reflect on the whole idea of comfort, pleasant.  


  soft renovation of the Office  -  office furniture

1. practical principles: improving the usability of office furniture, 2. the principles of: office furniture supplies, so take savings. 3. principle of ingenious combination: office furniture can be combined freely.  


  soft Office decorated  -  decorative articles

decorative items are not more expensive, the better, is not inexpensive decorative items will not grade the mainly decorative items and match to create Office environments of office space sense of harmony, a sense of culture.  


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