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Tongzhou district of Beijing

Room decoration

Room decoration

Room decoration  -  design layout

to reduce confrontation and negotiate your customers create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, projection screen, audio and other reserve position of the element to the negotiations, for the success of business negotiation power.  


  Conference room decoration  -  lamp illumination

meeting rooms to avoid natural light source, using artificial light source, select the cold light source, such as "three seikkyi light" works best, avoiding the use of heat source.  


  Conference Room decorate  -  acoustic requirements

ensure sound absolutely source and sound-absorbing effect, conference rooms stretched ceilings, carpeting, Windows with double glazing, wall insulation blanket inside, gated spacers.  


  Conference room decoration  -  power supply system

room safe and reliable power, electrical crosstalk reduction, using the three power supply system: a lighting; the second set as terminal equipment, control room equipment; a third power for air conditioning equipment.  


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