Tongzhou district of Beijing
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Tongzhou district of Beijing

Office interior design

Office interior design

  Office design  -  regional planning

Office design, office layout because employees of the nature of the work, responsibilities, requirements, such as different but should be different.   


  Office design  -  Feng Shui layout

1. spacious: no tie, oppression, stress-free, 2. closed: a quiet, safe and less intrusive; 3. distinctive features: reflect the company image, and relaxation.  


  regional design office  -  staff

1. partition by sector, concentrated in one area in the same section, 2. low cut off, creating a relatively closed and independent working environment. Objective: to increase communication, save space and improve efficiency.  


  Office design  -  design

principle of the Office: according to corporate staff responsibilities, nature of work and the different requirements to design office spaces, function, style, and cultural unity.  


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