Tongzhou district of Beijing
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Tongzhou district of Beijing

Office decoration

Office decoration

  Manager Office decoration  -  design

Office decoration should reflect steady, generous, bright, simple, culture, reflecting the company's image, while enhancing their sense of the culture of the company.   


  Manager Office decoration  -  style

1. closed: Studio independent, quiet and less intrusive; 2. spacious: expanding Visual space, no psychological pressure. 3. features: elegant non-luxury, reflecting the company's image.  


  Manager Office decoration  -  layout

lighting is good, removal of irregular shape and corner, Yin and Yang, harmony, movement coordination, welcome, guest ordered, fixed and variable, ten minutes. Manager room design layout style to reflect the temperament and character of the General Manager.  


  Manager Office decoration  -  Feng Shui

Manager Feng Shui Office design by outside air, the gas is composed of two parts, the Manager's Office design adjustments to embody the principles of Feng Shui to achieve harmony between man and nature and the environment for their own purposes.  


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