Tongzhou district of Beijing
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Tongzhou district of Beijing

Front design

Front design

Office decoration reflects the company's image Portal is located at the front desk, front desk layout, clean and beautiful and generous, display of corporate logos and green plants, reflecting the corporate image and corporate culture.  


  Office Front Desk design  -  color

color is the first Visual elements: cultural company shows off simple, stable wood, black food company shows off fresh fruit green technology companies focus on using colors such as blue, dark blue.  


  design office front desk  -  style

shape is the second visual element. Design needs with the company's nature of business, enterprise products, enterprise culture to match.  


  Office Front Desk design  -  materials

designers use a variety of new material to a different effect. IT sectors using steel, glass and other hard material reflecting technological sense entertainment industries use multi-colored panels, glass and other materials embodies a sense of fashion.  

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