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Repair company on indoor fire prevention strategies and in implementing "its concept of fire" analysis

With the development of market economy, the people's material and cultural living standards improve, work, entertainment, leisure, housing and other requirements of environmental conditions also improved. Therefore, home decoration has become a growing issue of concern. With the rapid development of interior decoration and interior decoration in the construction of a large number of fire hazards, has attracted a large number of fires. Aiming at the fire in the interior decoration problems and analyze the cause of the fire, and the corresponding fire protection measures.


 , interior decorating company causes analysis:

     of the construction interior trim design fire protection standard specified that "this specification provides the construction interior trim design, civil buildings, including the decoration of ceilings, walls, floors, partitions, as well as pieces of furniture, curtains, curtain fabric, window covers, furniture, fixing accessories and so on. "Beijing decorative company Shi large used can burning, and flammable decoration material, this is decoration in the exists of maximum problem, many hotel, and Mall, and dance Office, public entertainment, to pursuit luxury, and style, with can burning, and flammable wallpaper, and wall covering, and wood for wall surface decoration; with flammable carpet for ground decoration; with flammable cloth for curtains, and curtain, and library sets, and seat sets; with plywood, and fibreboard for partition decoration; sofa, and bedding large used polyurethane foam,. That caused a fire hazard.


     (a) interior decoration indoor fire load is increased, contributing to the spread of fire. Interior decoration materials are flammable, renovated the buildings, increased in the indoor combustible, room on fire, burning time, the combustion temperature, indoor building burned down, so that increases fire damage. For multi-storey and high-rise building in case of fire combustible Interior finish is an important factor in fire, fires along the ceiling and walls and ground decoration of fuel spreading from the room into the hallway, and then spread from the corridor to the shaft, open stairwells, elevator shaft, tube well, and spread to the top, causing fire to expand.


     (b) interior decoration the room after the fire, smoke, toxic gases, resulting in heavy casualties. According to the statistical analysis of the causes of casualties in the fire, suffocation due to carbon monoxide poisoning death or other toxic smoke smoking accounted for 40%~50% of the total death toll of the fire of the deceased, and all the people were burned to death, mostly poisoning choke faint before they are burned to death. Early stages of the fire, due to the small number into the indoor air, incomplete combustion, combined with interior decoration materials, mostly polymer, the resulting smoke and toxic gases. Indoor fire produces smoke reduces visibility of the burning room, effects of evacuation, gas poisoning, causing casualties.



     (c) combustible Interior finish increases the chances of building fires, accelerated the fires reached crashing. Combustible interior decoration of the building, such as combustible ceiling, Dado, wallpaper and so on, when the fire ignited, it will heat the surrounding decoration company in combustible materials, and decomposition of large amounts of flammable gas, and raise the indoor temperature, when indoor temperature reaches 600 degrees or so, building fire-specific phenomenon appears – flashover.


Second, the interior decoration in the main problems of fire safety:


     (a) the legal concept of indoor decoration and fire awareness

     Beijing decoration company only paid attention to economic results, undue emphasis on Enterprise independent right, ignoring the national macro-control and the law on fire control, fire supervision and management regulations, renovation does not declare into construction design scheme. Some leaders "light weight management, security," "decoration early, early, early-opening benefit" point of view, the fires have chances, would drain luxury decoration, fire protection rather than come up with some money to do it. Even more serious is that some local administrative interference, yiquandaifa, personal opinions instead of fire codes, even the support staff and the units concerned illegal renovations, buried a serious fire hazard.


(b) interior decoration construction qualification level is low, the quality difference

actually works far more than more than more than 300, many black after construction crews hired through relationships works, turn to friends for help, finished taking money away, you risk not hidden. Even officially registered teams, who are mainly farmers, also has laid off workers, most without induction training, does not understand the fire of knowledge, undocumented, as happened in 95 life international limited, Shanghai installed 6 fire in the wind pipe welders for migrant worker does not have a formal, no license issued by the Department of labor. In addition, construction teams lack fire prevention planning, early fire cannot be an effective organization fighting fires.

(c) unauthorized alteration of indoor decoration unit design, Contracting

     decoration not to fire upon permission of the construction. Even if auditing by design, in order to reduce costs without changing the function of the building, the flame retardant combustible, shoddy work, such as with ordinary polyester fiber products instead of fire-retardant fabrics, wooden keel instead of light steel keel; the brush fire paint brush, the brush the brush three times again, and so on, greatly reduced renovation of the fire-resistant, fire-resistance. In addition, in order to catch the time schedule, usually divide the duration contracts for some construction teams, such as "panzhihua Hotel East building" construction team approaching construction up to as many as 13, fire safety layers out of responsibilities is not clear, are potential factors of the accident.

     (iv) strengthening the management and promotion of fire retardant materials. First, should invest more in code for fire protection design of indoor decoration of propaganda, added decorating the owner, designer, decoration materials, construction personnel understanding of the level of fire resistance and fire-resistant flame retardant, so they do strictly according to the standard selection, try to select flame not burning decoration materials. Second, public security fire control institutions to fire all types of decoration materials into the scope of fire supervision and management, recognized and applied by the national or provincial level appraisal of refractory products. New decoration repair material combustibility rank test. Thirdly, combined with special improvement of fire protection products, together with the commercial and technical supervision departments to strengthen management of decoration material market, prevent counterfeit fire-retardant materials or shoddy fire safety materials for interior decoration. Finally, efforts to increase development of new type fire retardant materials and low research pricing, fire performance and decorative effect is better, community members are happy to use for decoration.

     (e) lack of supervision and administration of the fire department

     from an objective perspective, decoration projects many construction teams varies greatly, wide range of construction, enable fire departments to guard against potential. However, there are also individual oversight units low work efficiency, review time, supervision of personnel quality is not high, not familiar with the material in the specification, finish the map regardless of the medium-term management, fire hazards in construction of wanton phenomena.

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