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Office decoration not sloppy one two three options

&Nbsp;        for social development in recent years, all the offices, hotels, hospitals, office buildings are along with changing, such as the increase of special-shaped structure. How to choose a good decoration company is the problem, choose the right decoration company if the designer level and responsible attitude and how to control it? A good designer responsible designer decoration design repeatedly sought the advice of the party, wanted to create the perfect Office space must be repeated communication with designers design needs.

        here is my investigation against decoration company in Beijing, give owners some suggestions you want to decorate one two three options.

        selected, choose the decoration company, but the company into home decoration and public equipment in two parts. Home decoration companies couldn't have done public equipment; public equipment companies might be able to do home improvement. Be careful choosing a decoration company, commonly known as a selection, line by line and professional, choose selected professional decoration company.

        II, refers to the decoration of the relevant qualification, the size of the company, as well as newly fitted case, preferably similar to the Office renovation renderings of. Look at these two, don't let decoration company get away, let yourself Burn one's fingers.

        three choices, professional Office (property, professional Office decoration decoration company), choose the professional decorating consultant, choice of pollution-free materials.

        professional office management by the properties composition, decoration was done by professional decoration company. Professional decoration company designer requirements, supervision requirements must be in charge of establishing special. This can not only protect works for the Office, Office decoration, but also to protect owners of budget decorating time.

        professional of decoration consultant refers to of is must responsible of decorative company of designer, he to full of understand to you of needs, for Yu you of needs for programme of design, second you also need find some understand of friends are, and colleagues are carefully discuss Designer do out of programme, while also need asked clear detailed of decoration budget, as avoid let designer late increased items.

        select no pollution of decorative materials, requirements must be the pollution index not exceeding, for example, irritant gases such as formaldehyde. Good decorate material company is manufacturer direct purchase. Even if there is a problem, and manufacturers to directly address. From the material this would maximize the reduction of Office decoration landlord troubles.

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