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Meet the requirement of the Office interior design is what

&Nbsp;  with the nature of work.  , For example, technical offices need to be equipped with computer, drawing instruments, bookcases (Cabinet)   technical work necessary equipment, while the public relations sector clearly needs phone, fax machine, sofas, coffee table, and the external link and receive the appropriate equipment and furniture.

      in line with the actual.   Some firms regardless of their own production and minifies, the blind pursuit of Office Premium and luxury style, which there is a problem.

      meet the application requirements. For example, General Manager (Director) on the floor of the Office arrangements, estate, indoor decoration, equipment, and Office of the General staff of the different, not so different general managers and plant managers and clerks, and   are determined by their offices have different requirements.


      industry characteristics.   For example, a five-star hotel and a school-run enterprises of science and technology from different industries and offices in interior decoration, furniture, supplies, decorations, sound and light effect should be significantly different if enterprises Office decorated and the hotel's clients, is very funny.

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