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How to select the activated carbon to purify the decoration pollution

In recent years, with China's economic development and constantly improve people's living standard, people care more about the indoor environment quality. Want to have a clean, comfortable and healthy environment. Decorating, new furniture and became important sources of indoor air, why decoration pollution be prevented? How to effectively remove toxic and harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, and no secondary pollution. Now, note the use of activated charcoal purify indoor air. Through the adsorption capacity of activated carbon, absorb harmful substances within the newly decorated houses, can reduce indoor pollution. Following activated carbon to purify the indoor decoration pollution knowledge by the Beijing State decoration decoration company, to collect, please consult baibang decoration!


     lethal air: "people do not eat live for 5 weeks, no water can live for 5 days, but if there is no air, but wouldn't last 5 minutes. People often ask, developed economy, advanced science and medical today, some unknown disease why come? Such as SARS, avian flu, and why more and more people suffering from cancer, leukaemia, and younger age trend? In addition to diet, habits and relationships with people outside, polluted air is the disease-causing culprits.

China Association for Standardization survey, 68% disease is caused due to indoor air pollution! United States experts detected, there are more than 500 kinds of volatile organic compounds in indoor air, carcinogenic substances there are more than 20 kinds of pathogenic virus more than 200 kinds of harmful are: radon, formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and acetate, trichloroethylene, etc. Indoor air pollution than outdoor 2-5 times, sometimes up to 100 times. United States and other developed countries have been classified as hazardous to human health of indoor air pollution of the 5 major environmental factors. United States AnnArbor said the environmental group's recent report, harmful compounds from the air inside the car is a home and Office in the 5 to 10 times.  


    purification of indoor decoration pollution and sales of activated carbon

     It is understood that the activated carbon brands on the market, silver, its purification effect is also very different. Guide staff are introduced to the author, "more and more people now buy activated charcoal purify the indoor air, a lot of users for the health of children and families, specifically the acquisition of activated carbon purification air quality at home, avoiding harmful gas pollution. Newly renovated rooms, all kinds of air pollutants like formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, stays for a long time would cause great harm to human health. So now, many families have bought activated charcoal.    

     informed that the activated carbon has now approached the daily life of the people, what knowledge do we need to know about carbon? To clean up the air pollution, enjoy a relaxing life.  


    expert will teach you how to determine the adsorption activated carbon?

     by activated carbon adsorption to remove indoor pollution is the most extensive and most mature, safest, most reliable, a method of absorbing the most species. Although the appearance and use of activated carbon can have many varieties, but activated carbon have one characteristic in common, that is, "adsorption". How simple recognition of activated carbon adsorption value of it?

    1, density: hand the, more pore of activated carbon, adsorption properties of high density, light feel.

    2, bubbles: a handful of activated carbon into the water, resulting in a series of very small bubbles, pulling out a line of tiny bubbles and a silk bubble sound, this phenomenon was more intense, longer duration, better adsorption of activated carbon.

    3, decolorization ability: activated carbon with colored liquid becomes pale or colorless's magical abilities, this is in fact activated carbon adsorption of color pigment molecules in the liquid causes. Take two transparent glass, in pure water in a cup and drip a drop of red ink mixing pour the colored water half contrast in another Cup. The activated carbon into the colored water, half or more of the number should reach the water, this effect is more obvious, rest for 10-20 minutes compared with contrast water, under equal conditions, better description the stronger effect of activated carbon adsorption.


     of different materials and the use of activated carbon pore size are not the same. In General, the quality of high quality activated carbon adsorption of harmful substances may be close to or even reach its own quality, such as overseas silver loaded activated carbon from coconut shell.

     the activated carbon, for how long?

     key factors affecting the service life of activated carbon with 0 is the amount of harmful substances in the environment and frequency of desorption. Quality of activated carbon adsorption of harmful gases may be close to or even reach its quality, in an ordinary family in the air space, quality of harmful gases is far less than the use of activated carbon, so as long as activated carbon is often placed in the Sun prolonged sun exposure, long-term use.  

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