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Five traps decoration budget

Trap 1 lower the price of a single

owners know the current price floor, ceramic tile, but he did not necessarily know the floor installation, ceramic tile labor costs, so he cut the price of the flooring, ceramic tile, but lost on the labor costs.

resolve method: renovation quotes, individual prices for an item not only pegged, but comprehensive manual, loss, mechanical and other areas, as well as other items of expenditure, if you find a particularly low prices, then you have to review the prices of other items.


trap 2 fuzzy selected quality, level of the main material, specifications

This is not standard decoration company is a common trick, though the need for certain materials, show that the amount of materials needed, but did not specify exactly what qualities, what brand, what size of any material.

resolve solution: require decoration companies explicitly uses the material of quality, grade, specifications, parameters marked in the budget on the table, for future reference when installing, use.


gotcha 3 ambiguity of construction technology

just looking at numbers, without looking at the text description is that most owners view quotations often make mistakes, always feel a number errors will cause a loss, and the text description must not cheat, that's not what happened. Many construction projects as long as skip operation, it may cause trouble.

resolving ways:  Learn more about the renovation of common sense and find out more about interior decoration of the engineering construction technology standard, to decorate the House on a regular basis to understand processes that have a certain preventive effect. It is best to hire a qualified, professional and strong, stable construction decoration for his service.


gotcha 4 missing hard decoration of the main material

decoration quote was deliberately left out some primary material, owners are attracted to this reasonable price quotes and readily signed up, but during the next renovation process owners for decoration companies in these malicious and constantly forgetting to pay.

resolve method: a gentleman after the first person, in accordance with the designs, and require renovation contract or agreement clearly written on all the main material, and identify buyers is a decoration company or owner. Main material is usually easier to miss out walls, ceilings and other materials used for corners.


gotcha 5 substituted material units of measure

units on the property owners pay little attention to a quote, don't know much about different units means that offer digital deviation is large. Such as custom-made a shoe, looks like a very reasonable way, shoe size not indicated, rehabber has enough loopholes to the later chances.

resolve method:  on many projects it is recommended based on the actual measured area, such as a wardrobe, shoes Cabinet, as little as possible with "" as a unit, so that errors in the renovation process.

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