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Corporate Office in decorating, be sure to pay attention to the measures

Features and functions of Office from the Office, Office has the following basic elements:

(a) bright

Office gives people a sense of lively are basic requirements for design, bright Office environment refers to the Office environment, the   hues clean and bright, lighting layout reasonable, there is plenty of light, which is determined by the functional requirements of the Office of  . Decorated in bright colors can give a happy mood, giving a feeling of cleanliness, while ming, quick tones can also increase indoor lighting during the day.

at present, there are many designers will introduce higher brightness of the Green Office, which often gives a good visual effect, creating a spring, this is a creative means of crisp feeling in the room.

(b) a sense of order

order in design refers to repetition, rhythm, form a complete and concise. Office design is also applied this theory to create a quiet, peaceful and clean environment. A sense of order is one of the fundamental elements of Office design.

the purpose of design in order to achieve the Office,   involved cover a very wide area, such as a furniture style and color of the Commission   a; layout regularity; cut off material size and color level of the consolidated ceiling flatness and wall decoration with no fancy; reasonable Interior colors and people-oriented.

these are related to the order, can be said to order in the Office plays a key role in the design.

(c) modern

at present, many businesses in our country offices, in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas, strengthening democratic governance, often using open space--design, this design has   become the modern features of the new Office, it forms the   concept of new generation office space.

the emergence of modern machines, suitable for ergonomics requirements under office equipment increased and improvement, Office of scientific and automation to work brings a lot of  . We have full use of ergonomics to design knowledge, according to specific features and size requirements for design, these are the basic elements of design. The basic elements of design.

corporate office space design and overall planning

in addition to beautiful, practical and safe, Office furniture or more create situations and match full environmental planning. By design, the first "ergonomic" on the concept of,  is widely used in Office furniture, and Office planning to assist customers, fully considering the integration of OA equipment, landscape design, line planning, lighting, noise and efficiency management, network processing and match. ... and more details.

claim is "Office planning system as a whole", hoping to combine high quality products as well as a complete planning environment, create the perfect Office space, not only for the customers to improve efficiency, but also enhance the overall corporate image.



quality considerations essential requirements such as security, persistence, outside of standard size, system furniture, more can be ordered according to demand, not only to maximise the use of space, more use of nature for selection for a particular specification, so that systems furniture elastic, more variety.

OA furniture can be a combination of style choices, match each other using, without limits of space and time, play a combination of maximum efficiency, users can, according to their own preferences and increase function.





color choices, according to site environment, personal preferences ... And so on, to do color on the whole, the Office environment is more complete as a whole.

General   office furniture by size, style, color, and so on ... Can be unified, not per order different products, makes it impossible for Office matches standard.   Combination of diversified, fully functional mix, perfect appearance design, neat and beautiful Office environment.


removal or increase in the future, caused by the parts shortage, or on a combination of problems, and so on ..., Office furniture can solve these disadvantages, it can be matched to meet demand for Office. Office lighting design brief

1, nearly all daytime office hours, so artificial lighting and the formation of natural lighting combined with design and comfortable lighting environment.

2, Office lighting fluorescent lamps should be used.

3, Visual operation near surface and decoration in the room should be decorated in dull material.

General lighting should be 4, Office design on either side of the workspace, using fluorescent lights up the lamp longitudinal axis parallel to the horizontal line of sight. Directly in front of the lamp should not be placed in working position.

5, it is difficult to determine position, can be operated by large glowing area, two-way batwing light distribution with low luminance lamps.

6, computer terminal equipment, Office space, should be avoided in people and what appears on the screen (such as lamps, furniture, Windows, etc) image

7, study lamp configurations: the library is the place for family members to read and study, should pay attention to lighting lighting effects, lighting choices should fully take into account not only the brightness, but should also take into account the shape of the color and character appropriate to the study quiet, elegant environment.

8, working and learning in general illumination lighting lamps can be used, to power a large incandescent lamps as well. Location is not necessarily in the Center, can be determined according to the specific situation. Lamp shape, style should not be too ornate, elegant June show as well, that are necessary to create a for people to read the installation and the serenity of the surroundings.

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