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Move into the new House finished to note

Many people are after buying a new House, immediately renovated and immediately renovated and move in. When we settled in to the new renovated House, and often has a strong pungent smell came to physical discomfort. Experts point out, moved in to focus on the following issues;  

     the first; thousands of decorative materials in the current market, chemical building materials accounts for a significant proportion of large, paint, latex paint, coating agent, adhesive, wall paper, generally contain harmful substances. These substances are mainly, such as formaldehyde, toluene, lead and lead compounds. Decorative building materials for volatile organic compounds in different room temperature in gas, pollute the indoor air. Volatile toxic substances with new housing estates normally closed, contaminated air is not leaking, intangibles in indoor air of "killer" concentration and higher. Ranging from chronic poisoning can affect the body's hematopoietic function, respiratory system, nervous system, immune system, and also damage to chromosome gene. So, after new House decoration should not be immediately stay, ventilation, ensure that the indoor air circulation, keep harmful gases evaporate.

     second; the Sun plays an important role for human life, in indoor air of ultraviolet rays from the Sun to kill disease-causing microorganisms, inhibiting bacterial growth, clean the air, improve immune function. Sun or heat, can increase the room temperature in winter, with energy-saving effect. Therefore, the room is sunny, is good for people's health. Associated lighting and sunlight, but they are different categories. Lighting refers to the residential energy of natural light. Indoor low light can affect eyesight, too much is harmful to the human body. In strong light, the human brain cells are stimulated, can feel tired with the brain decreased.

     third, later with plutonium, can also play a very big role. Interior placed a large number of green plants, especially plants absorbs harmful substances in the air, on improving indoor air quality with very good results. In addition, some products can also play a role in air.  


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