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How to read repair quotes

With the renovation time comes, more and more owners are decorated. Renovation cost always is one of the top concerns of consumers. Currently on the market have a lot of home improvement companies, differences tend to be large in the quote. Many consumers are experiencing this kind of confusion in the same home improvement market, almost the same decoration, quotes why is there such a big difference? What the hell is going on? For families for most of the renovations, decoration engineering bidding is that they've never met, for prices, they often do not know how to choose: are the more expensive the better? Still cheaper more affordable?

industry experts say that, at home on the price management, because the effects of regional differences, current state and no standard quotes, some home improvement market was only listed price for consumers. But due to renovation projects and projects is the amount of factors that affect the cost of the decoration directly, while decorating companies of different size, quality, grade, management system, the charges are also different.

overall, in my opinion, decoration costs should include the following:

(1) design fee, this fee is already included in the cost of some renovation company

(2) main material costs, including plywood, decorative panels, line, metal, paint, latex, and so on

(3) ancillary materials,

(4) the workmanship: wood workmanship, bricklayer workmanship, utilities pay wages, painter

(5) management fees and taxes. If guerrillas do not have this amount

requires consumers to pay attention to is, don't just choose a home business by price. Because so far there are still decorating companies use consumer does not know, playing on the quotation "flower" phenomenon.

I summed up the recipe, may make an offer you decorating help you when:

material price is the basis of quotation

material is one of the most important factors that determine price: wood Board products, for example, there are four grades of wood panels, from the appearance is exactly the same, but the quality is not the same, price certainly is divided into four price: 63 yuan, around 75 Yuan, about 90 Yuan, about 110 Yuan. You choose the level is not the same, of course, the entire cost is different also

wood again, according to incomplete statistics, there are around 6,000 sign paints, price from 30-40 to 500-600/group/group, that offer and of course the gap is big.

advice to you is to talk to and renovation company before price, first to market products as well as price, be aware.


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