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Home Feng Shui and wealth

Flowers in people's minds, has become more than just the flower itself, and has become a symbol of culture and taste. In the home, how to make the flowers beautify the environment, reflects the taste of the host at the same time, good luck for the family, it is necessary to understand flowers placed knowledge. &Nbsp;

in Chinese traditional culture, many flowers have been given a better meaning, such as: plum blossom symbolizes strength, chrysanthemum symbolizes high-minded, peonies symbolize wealth, orchids symbol King ... ... For a while.

writers in flowers zhiyu, more is liberal ink, classics in the description spent of words abound, early in poems by in on has "doorway, shining its China", Zhou Dun-yi's more is praised Lotus "out mud and not dye, Zhuo qinglian and not demon"; even even many tunes name, and tunes name also and spent about, as a cut Mei, and Magnolia, and drunk spent yin,.

first, don't let the flowers wither

flower color enlivens home, also in environmental embellishment than ordinary green leafy plant superior, but need careful cultivation more than plants, if you accidentally let it fade, it will have a negative effect of Feng Shui, affect occupants ' health and fortune, so proper management change, eager to trim the stem, must not let flowers die.

Second, bright living room placed flowers may be appropriate

where the living room is a gathering of friends and family, you can choose some brightly colored vases, bring warm air to the living room. Bouquets may be appropriate, let people view into the living room, he'll attract and flowers greeted, feast for the eyes.

Feng Shui living room is "money" are here, relates to the family's fortune, layout of the money cannot be ignored. Placing flowers at the money, angry breath of driving around with flowers, would greatly increase the money. But it is important to note that after flowering, in time to replace the flowers.

third, placed flowers help to master bedroom

the bedroom, not only our sleep, but our open spaces and soothing place. Therefore, the flowers of the bedroom, taking into account the flower color, scent, and flowers, as well as coordination, but also to the host body and mind. Can be combined with bedroom interior walls, ceilings, floors and furniture and other decorative colors to designate. If the room cooler shades, consider warm tones of the flowers to enhance the welcoming atmosphere of the bedroom. Conversely, you can choose cool colors of flowers give a serene feeling.

master rest, good mood, not only family harmony, work efficiency will greatly increase.

four placed flowers, restaurants to increase appetite

restaurant all dining and Exchange place, beautiful flowers make people happy, appetite, appetite.

is in need of attention, placing flowers on the table should not be too high, so as to avoid blocking everyone's view, is not conducive to Exchange. Flower bottles should be placed at the center of the table, so that everyone can eat while enjoying the flowers.

five, elegant colors of flowers will help improve the study atmosphere

study placed hues and elegant flowers, can be used as decoration, the enhanced decorative effect for the study adds an elegant and peaceful atmosphere.

owner, Office, ataraxia, can also improve efficiency.

six first consideration placed flowers, kitchen cleaning

kitchen environment must be clean, flowers must be kept clean and pest-free, odor-free. Moreover, the kitchen is easy to produce smoke, laid flowers to have the best resistance to pollution, such as flowers, Aloe Vera, water tower and kidney fern, Evergreen. Also with vegetables, fruit and materials for flower arrangements, coordination with the kitchen environment, also will hold special appeal.

If the kitchen is the room of the West, can be placed in the window of golden flowers, such as daffodils, pansies, can ease the information of the sunset, and bring wealth to the owner.

seven, placed flowers dissolve toilet bathroom noxious gas effect

bathroom was the source of the noxious gas, often because of poor bathroom locations, affecting your family's health, such as horoscope. Placing flowers in bathroom, with flowers and beautiful feast for the eyes, with flowers aroma water down the toilet is not clean, some flowers, auspicious, dissolve the bathroom bad, so as to bring good luck to the owner.

eight-placed flower color, entrance stress

porch placed flowers, flowers of different colors have different meaning of Feng Shui, for example, placed at the entrance of pink flowers, to interpersonal relationships; pad placed red flowers at the entrance and can house attract Fortune; placed yellow flowers to love placed orange flowers are conducive to travel.

above, is that I practice over the years, done some summary totals, for everyone to put flowers in time to make a reference.


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