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Home decoration selected different lighting styles

The elderly: elderly lifestyle simple, quiet, the lamps used by color, shape, want to bring the elderly and elegant demeanor. Main lamp units available combo lamps chandelier or ceiling lamp. For the convenience of the elderly to urinate, a bedside lamp illumination lamp. Lighting light source incandescent lamp is appropriate. &Nbsp;

     Middle: Middle age is the dominant family and business pillars, lighting design, color, concise and lively. Lamp should reflect the personality, and should reflect the style, such as table lamps or floor lamps with rotating arm, in order to facilitate learning and work. To meet the needs of lying down reading the newspaper before going to bed, bedside lamps use metal touch lamp cover is equipped with induction electronic components, or with a removable small bedside lamp.  

     young people: young people of lighting to highlight a new, extraordinary and special. Main lamp available with laser glass chandeliers, after electrify can be diffraction from the intoxicating color vision. Table lamp modern sound and light and perfect combination of electronic technology available lighting, it can create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.  

     for children: children's lighting is best to the vagaries, highlight one, increases children's imagination and intellectual development. Lighting design, color, should embody childlike, but also is conducive to the healthy growth of children. Main lamp to simple, plain chandeliers or ceiling lamp available; doing my homework on the desktop, brighter lighting, animal-shaped table lamps that are available, but note that ensure illumination. Due to the children's curiosity, good move, so the lighting is guaranteed safe and reliable.


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