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Hold six points to easily buy seamless flooring

Today's flooring market variety, but consumer knowledge is lacking on the floor so often deceived when purchasing flooring. Today I bring you some knowledge on seamless flooring selections, interested friends can take a look.   

       1, two items;

     seamless floor seamless wood and seamless fiber is divided into two kinds, both formed by the multi-level flattening at the bottom is divided into moisture-proof bottom and flatten the Fiberboard, the difference lies in the surface layer of the material, attach a veneer wood, plane, texture and solid wood flooring similar to fiber or fiber material, take care of the easy, but the effect is a little different from the wood.   

    2, Asian material more appropriate   

     of such closely-seamless flooring, from all over the world, Taiwan, China and Malaysia and other Asian regions of the material, the price is much cheaper; from Europe, Sweden, and Desi and Belgium's floor, is a higher quality, generally two to three times more expensive; when you purchase could focus on the comparison of the color, but avoid overly cheap goods.   

    3, two types of dimensions   

     traditional seamless flooring, there are specific criteria for size; recently, seamless flooring from Europe, varying length and width, arranged the result very different.   

   paragraph     4 and new grooves;

     in addition to the traditional flat seamless options, there is a style called grooves, along with tiny grooves of wood, after wood stick, creating grooves, similar effects and real wood flooring, but it's not due to thermal expansion and contraction problems increase the grooves.

5, select color   

     seamlessly whether seamless wood or fiber, choose a variety of wood, such as oak, Maple and Walnut wood, will be lighter than the gold, black and color, create a different effect. A Board composed of multiple wood piece, some are made from a single strip of wood, floor layers have different effects.   

    6, grainy texture and excellent   

     wood surfaces of different materials, some floor surface completely smooth, modelled on the wood and no, feels a lot like plastic flooring, creating light effects; in addition, some of the floor surface with a wood grain, with a dull effect.   

     Tip: seamless floor into the water do?   

     seamless floor has two species, logs and the synthesis wood, and synthesis wood has limits waterproof, but by soaked Hou hard recovery, and logs is has opportunities recovery, but also to all up out processing Hou heavy Pu, if is regeneration wood (synthesis wood) is best for had, all for new of floor-each ruler by 8 Yuan to more than 10 more Yuan ranging, artificial about 14, and five Yuan a feet, up seamless floor is more hundreds of Yuan will can.


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