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Fitting knowledge to solve doubts

Preparation for home decoration is prepared for war. Despite sloppy decoration out of his mind but only check out renovation works on the market quality, shoddy work and hazardous to health, and so on the news a lot, is enough to make us scared. So home improvement do careless, to that end, we are now about to enter home improvement knowledge transfer decoration owners, help you decorate in doubt.


first, the whole family


If you want to determine the family decoration, a rainy day, usually about two months before the renovation should be ready, 30-60 days of renovation cycle, could emerge to receive goods and prepared for supplementary materials such as, and acceptance on completion of important projects. Therefore, the repair estimate before members of free time, for distribution is responsible for the matter.


Second, multi-channel tutorial


decoration is a highly professional business, as a layman, is absolutely can't deal with traps and bodies big and small on the market. Therefore it is necessary that, 2-3 months before the renovation should start cramming decorating knowledge.


1, domestic Portal Web site on family-friendly version of the surf, learn construction programs, national standards, what is the meaning of the term.


2, ask users, ask experts, manufacturers, whether you have any doubts about decoration, given the chance, would not hesitate to ask people with renovation experience. Last will certainly benefit.


3, refer to the home of newspaper articles, time to listen to all kinds of professional seminars, homeopathic research companies.


third, the planned budget


If your budget or rough estimate was 80,000 yuan, often found and decorated after the budget, actual spending will reach 9~10 million, it is recommended that owners in the beginning to prepare a little more than the actual budget, setting aside allowances. Decorating may increase when additional charges include: telephone calls, meals, transportation, and rework costs. So you want to be well prepared.


most main of prepared is, got room key Hou, except according to purchase contract, study housing quality outside, as prepared find decorative company arranged of when, also must and its design, and engineering personnel in decoration Qian for field study: understand House is with which species material built of; as got housing detailed drawings, and wants to change room pattern, can first understand about, bedroom in the which road wall is bearing wall is can demolition; on new homes due a preliminary planning, (for example each room future of function socket, and cable, and TV signal cable layout), furniture and electrical appliances in the approximate location of the room; characteristics according to their type and hobby needs to clearly choose the décor.


four, shop around


preparation phase around the building materials market, is a difficult thing, if you're a perfectionist who often cannot be resolved by visiting the building materials market. First market, mainly looks into a brand, product, with meet your budget material purpose went to market.

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