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Decoration must be prepared before the

Decoration is a systems engineering, time-consuming spirits consumption.   Because of the purchase, order, delivery will take time, and some works are almost irreversible, so the sequence must not make a mistake, or reform in trouble, spent a lot of money, and missed deadlines. So, how time and process more scientific way?  

knowledge of literacy – rapidly catching decoration  

If you intend to start one or two months, it will have to fill decorating basics.   Rapid "literate"   is the effective way--more consultation with relatives of decorating experience, home equipment company. Often very selfless they all tell you lessons, so repeat probabilities will be greatly reduced.  

generous leg muscles--building materials city dot to  

theory and practice is important, generous leg muscles, between supermarkets and major building materials city. Do not go to compare various building materials city, hearts price impossible. If the money is not much, this step is the most important, because different building materials city of location and size due to the rentals, products of the same brand, price out of 10%~15%.  

dot's skill, according to the decorating process, recommended first to see wood materials (such as large panels, decorative veneer), wall and floor tiles and cabinets. Started one of the first projects is carpentry and bricklaying, in parallel with the reform of hydropower, wood doors and Windows, ceilings, kitchen tiles, and wood also simultaneously. Cabinet must be measured under rough conditions in the kitchen, and to design programmes and utilities method. Until the tiling in the kitchen after the manufacturers still have to be used to measure time, to go to manufacturers, usually after one or two months before delivery, so be early, early.  

budget- -determines the overall budget;

around the building materials city, simply do a budget. Under normal circumstances, ordinary people base cost (fee, as well as wire, cement and other materials) and the main material costs costs proportion as 1:1 or 1:1.5, furniture budget and that is another story, without worrying too much about in the early, if fitting enough, they can slowly buy.

shop around – decorative  

read more, listen more, more fully understand the level of decoration companies and look at their project in the community. Recommendations to the three or four decorating company for counseling.  

Choose guerrilla or choose a brand? Under normal circumstances, the brand company's prices will be higher than the guerrillas more than 10%~20%, or even more. However, is in need of attention, chose the guerrillas, who is also the designer, Porter, supervision of vocational preparation. Especially if you are selecting a package-workers, contractors in materials don't make money, they have to have that "has suffered" mental preparation. In addition, warranty, after-sales service is not. If the economy is not too tight, and don't understand the decoration and no time comrades had better choose a brand decoration company.  

scenarios--signing of the formal contract  

don't let designers about their ideas, the House was used to live, her first. Decoration team determines the quality of your home, if you have the energy, must personally visit construction team site, note the foreman's name, specified in the negotiations with the decoration company is the foreman, further bargaining with decorative company, don't know where, clearly written, cannot get away with it. Need special attention are, remember to be stamped with the contract, before renovation after the down payment.  

ready to start-the Division of responsibility  

to property company fitment required procedures, the kitchen is closed water test, to divide the responsibility of developers and decoration companies, usually takes 2 days. Designers, supervisors, foremen, skilled workers as well as the owners went to the House scene, explaining the design and construction sites, such as where you want to add a phone line. Keys and construction units, workers officially comes into play. Day must be clear.


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