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Decoration 10 hidden dangers

The saying goes, adept doorway, look lively. However, at the renovation site we actually see what and how, in order to achieve a multiplier effect?

view: waterproofing

for concealment of waterproofing works, most notably construction to be nuanced. First of all, before the renovation, construction workers to do 24 hours of closed water test, in determining no leakage phenomenon, then clean up the debris on the ground, scraping loose parts, and in cement mortar trowel holed, then the entire surface is smooth. Closed water test also can serve to distinguish, determining the waterproofing project responsibilities role leaking the onus is on developers; no leakage leakage after the decoration, the onus is on repair company.

as do bathroom waterproof, bath Shi water will splash to near of wall Shang, as no anti-water of protection, next door wall and Vertically opposite angles wall easy wet occurred mildew, so must to in Pu wall surface tile zhiqian, do wall surface waterproof, general situation Xia wall surface to do 30 cm high of waterproof processing, but is bearing of light body wall, will will whole wall do waterproof, at least also to do 1.8 meters high. Special attention to corners and strictly prevent it dripping, actually most of the waterproofing leaks is a corner site, so long as these places as well, the possibility of leakage would be reduced.

view b: wall with keel

If walls and keel breach of the rules but could not easily find. Such as total or partial collapse the ceiling, ceiling becomes "off the top".

view three: ceiling

ceiling and floor, and keel combined with veneers is bad, or too much weight, could easily lead to "off".

as a rule, ceiling joists shall not distort, deform, install the keel should be firm and reliable, around the horizontal deviation of not more than 5 mm; weighing more than 3 kg of chandeliers or ceiling fans are not hanging on the ceiling joists, but should set up another hook. If the ceiling plasterboard veneers, its thickness should be about 9 mm.

view 4:0 broken

1, hot and cold water mixing

white for cold water pipes, red for hot water, cold water and hot water are mixed together.

hazard: the scale rate of hot and cold water pipes are different, due to thermal expansion and contraction, resulting in cold water pipe leaks.

standard operation: press color to distinguish between hot and cold water pipes, strict operation.

2, the use of glue

standard operation: at present, there is no natural pollution-free glues on the market, alternatives are 108 glue. But be sure to look for a better brand, look for test reports.

3, wire without insulation pipe

construction direct buried wires to walls, wire insulation tubes for no good, wires directly exposed to the outside.

problems: this is very unsafe, after the arrival of may for any reason, such as wire and wire damage caused aging cause short circuits and, if there is a wire broken situation cannot transfer calls, only hit the wall knock.

standard operation: cable laying must be coupled with insulating sleeve on the outside, while circuit connector not exposed to the outside surface should be installed online in the box, are not allowed between the junction box connector.

4, arbitrary demolition waterways

in the decoration owners do not understand the circumstances, mislead the owners free demolition waterways, a waste of money.

problems: waste of money only on the one hand, and demolition if not properly sealed or lack of pressure test when the waterway, will cause the pipe to crack.

standard operation: the changes when the line began to move, should not move when the firm does not move.

5, place with weak electricity

typical cut corners. Strong? such as lighting wires? and light current? such as telephone lines, network lines? on a tube or box, paving a tube less, save time and effort.

problems: Internet on your phone, there will be interference. While a pipe threading is also a risk of fire.

standard operation: weak electricity should be off line, no weak electricity sharing a pipe and a box.

6, length is not enough without connection fittings

with insulating tube long enough, exactly one turn here, do not lay the connection parts, exposed section at the connection of the junction box.

problems: staying a long time may cause leakage because of aging.

standard operation: orifice and the junction box should be connected.

7, repeat the wiring

redundant cabling, material, waste of owners of financial and material resources.

the existence of hidden once the faulty, just like "possessiveness" layout is difficult to detect.

standard operation: organized, in the case of capacity not exceeding tubes of 40%, the same trend line can be put in a tube. But weak electricity must be separated.

8, line pipe damaged by subsequent engineering

typical of the rough construction. Pipelines laid on the ground after slot results through pipelines that have been paved.

the existence of hidden: after moving in will probably find a room in a house without electricity, but to put all the lines in a test, re Threading.

standard operation: paved place again the construction of the pipeline.

If it is damaged, in the middle lane is prohibited wiring. Circuit load is larger, threaded pipe connector wires easily spark fires.

9, used as a cement PuTTY

typical poorly written. On the site of a number of construction errors are unintentional, transverse Groove does not say, line pipe after the wiring is complete, even with PuTTY powder used as a cement.

the existence of hidden: decorated transverse slotted undermines the whole body weight, original design of earthquake-resistant capacity.

standard operation: cement for sealing Groove must be consistent with the original structure of cement Proportioning, in order to ensure its strength.

10, wire color

all line colors, love of labor.

the existence of hidden once the faulty, detected again confusing line.

standard operation: end of box wiring wire cloth covered with a different logo. Fire line in red fabric and red, zero line with blue, green, black, used the same color wire cloth bandage, grounding line using yellow, green and blue lines.  


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