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Buy staircase of three steps and eight points for attention

How to choose a stair? Stairs to teach you to buy staircase of three steps and eight points for attention  

three steps:

1, a search through media channels or Web search to find a well-known professional stair at several local companies, whether there is production and sales of your products.

2, two notes: with half the field to look at whether these companies have design capability and production capacity, it is the most important, staircase industry is a new industry is not very mature, 80% is a small workshop within the industry at present. If you mistakenly chose this type of business, quality and security is difficult to secure.

and 3: heart screening 2~3 company that you can trust, respectively their door-to-door survey, design, and pricing, to carefully consider its design capacity, quality of service, price and other factors based on orders.

the eight points for attention:

1, choose the stairs should pay attention to. Throughout the process of decorating the staircase, is one of the most special and important links, be sure to find local professional manufacturers. If you think the stairs is no big deal, as long as you can walk it would be a mistake.

2, staircase design is very important. Stairs is a functional furniture, not only to coordinate with the entire decoration style match and, also consider the practicality, safety, such as home, often elderly and children, try to avoid using a glass, wrought-iron staircase.

3, pay attention to environmental protection. Outside in addition to the main material, even products used in glues, paints, their production is environmentally friendly, do not let the stairs of volatilized harmful substances.

4, attention to material recognition. Some businesses in the industry described as rubber wood oak, grapefruit acts as Golden teak, cherry XI Nan Hua posing as, and so on, the material price difference between four to five times, be careful, don't be deceived.

5, pay attention to price trap. Must have a quantity, unit price, details of the final offer to prevent low price lured you sign up, and then append project, forcing you to high prices for settlement.

6, warranty companies have reacted to the confidence in the quality of the product. For solid wood products, and after two seasons after seasonal climate changes, no deformation and cracks, then without cracking up. Warranty for at least two years.

7, the attention of production technology, the same different manufacturing process of raw materials, have a direct impact on the quality, value and service life of the product.

8 pay the deposit, pay attention not to store at the Mall, because most dealers mall stores, leases were signed a year, affected by the economic downturn may be closed at any time, and stairs of the deposit amount, so the deposit paid at the factory or Office safe.


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