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Before daily decoration decoration

Point 1: fitment guide can be so interesting!  

refuse to boring, rejected the rigid, decoration guide can tell stories as good as! Decorated bird faux scandal + improvements people are Buddhism, Sohu users will own decorating stories collected into a book scandal,  decoration see you laughing, decorated the classroom see Avery! each section is equipped with creative cartoons, humorous, relaxed and refreshed.  

point 2: reveal the cloud fog around the home improvement market   of Pandora's box;

How to select building materials? Which cost is not necessary? How to supervise the renovation process? How to audit contract with the company? Decorate before you read this book, less money, less gas!  

point 3: the most focused on practical decoration details can not be ignored!  

market renovation Guide to theory, to design, to tone, to the programme, but does not tell the reader, be remorseful for a lot of details a little attention! Book readers back to reality most easily overlooked details of the troubles before the renovation, the earlier book, regret, the less benefit more!  

point 4: do not flicker, grass-roots real copy  

not too luxurious, not too shabby, are suitable for white-collar workers, people first practical decoration + experience. No pundit is no beast, fair trade, is tens of millions of Internet users hit with a real gold and silver out of the experience of blood and tears. Cases each decoration you will have or can be avoided, each lesson in decorating experience you can immediately use to practice.  

point 5: comes with home building materials, electrical appliance coupon and voucher  

comes with life with book flooring, boss kitchen appliances discount vouchers and voucher, buy a book, get far greater than the value of a book offer!  

mounted above the other students don't have to envy those Warrior! See how heroes are bitter and tired of this renovation work more fun than fiction, better check it out! More Heroes learn, always pay attention to the big call for papers of the decorated journal 2, maybe next Warrior author is you!


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