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Bathroom renovation notice

Now, for washroom and bathroom decoration, how to reflect it's comfort and safety became a focus of decoration. In an interview with reporters at the home improvement industry is aware, bathroom decorating home decorating involves many details. If not handled properly, will not only directly affect the future quality of life at home, but will also affect the mood. Bathroom renovation should pay attention to the following points:

1 day Studio: because bathroom gas is heavy, therefore, to select those with the characteristics of waterproof, corrosion-resistant, rust-proof materials.

2 ground: in Pu tiles zhiqian, must do waterproof; in Tile laying zhihou, to guarantee brick surface has a discharge slope (General to 1% around suitable), slope towards floor drain; ground in laying finished tile zhihou must do closed water experiment, time at least to guarantee 24 hours; laying tiles Shi to note and wall brick pass sewing, and on align, guarantee whole bathroom between of overall sense, so as not to in Visual Shang produced clutter of impression.

3 wall: wall tiles also do moisture-proof, waterproof, and tiles to ensure smooth and aligned with the floor tile seams, in order to ensure the overall sense of walls and floors; if supply pipeline exports tiles smaller incisions, adequate, easy flange cover on the water cuts, make the look perfect.

4 doors and Windows: the best bathroom window to facilitate ventilation if there is no window, paying particular attention to detail. To prevent the bathroom water spilling over, slightly higher than the inside of the bathroom; bath to keep the gap between the door and the ground a little, to facilitate the return; if you are sliding doors, sliding door between the bathroom tiles and a layer of waterproofing.

laying 5 circuit: wire connector of the bathroom must be hung Tin, and to wrap the waterproof tape and electrical tape to ensure safety; on the wire must be flame-resistant tube; all the switches and Sockets must be moisture-proof boxes and location depends on the dimensions of the appliance depends on the location and, to ensure convenient and reasonable.

6 waterways improvement: bathroom drainage lines had better not be too big changes if you want changes, depending on the circumstances may be, such as washing machine models, the common position will be different.

7 ware installation: best in decoration zhiqian put water hole from remember good, by size selected good bathtub, and bath room, and sat will device, and wash basin, ware, so as not to in decoration Shi size not right; sat will device of installation to first with SAT will mud sealed good, again with expansion screws or glass rubber fixed, such, in SAT will device occurred blocked Shi easy repair.

8 ventilation: bathroom must have an exhaust fan, exhaust fan must be reverse gate to prevent foul air back.

9 Green: to give life. Forgotten corners of the bathroom should not be green. Decoration can be selected more shade-tolerant, moisture-potted plants are placed in the bathroom, making it a bit more angry.  


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